About Us

JINHUA COMFORT VEHICLE.CO.,LTD is a Company You Can Rely on and it is Located in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China , which bases its goals in the green and power-saving transport and thus give people a healthy and comfortable ride feeling. The company is mainly manufacture and sell various kinds of e-bikes, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs etc.  
   Based on our development & production capacity, strict quality control system, and rich experiences in exporting to different markets. We know how to offer good product and good service for the importers and distributors all over the world. OEM/ODM and some customization service is available. And we can also provide pertinent advice for new customers if necessary. 
   JINHUA COMFORT VEHICLE.CO.,LTD is always looking for new business partners wherever in the world you are. With Certifications of EN15194, CE, UL, ROHS available to let you import easily in Europe or in every place you are.
   JINHUA COMFORT VEHICLE.CO.,LTD welcome you with highly specialized staff, all with rich experience in the field of electric bikes and Mobility scooters.


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